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Rebtel Announces Mother’s Day Offer

One of the largest VoIP maintenance providers Rebtel has announced their promotional offer for Mother’s day. They will be offering, starting now till May 11th a free $5 international faxs credit to every one who signs up and recharges with $5.

You may or may not remember the old times when I had them sentence a crazy offer on Mother’s day. At that time they offered $30 credit for $10 whether was way popular. However, since they have matured now and are a well known name they likely can get away with not-so-good offers. In fact I have been busy lately as well to ask them to provide special promotion. I will email them and see if I can get them to provide a special offer for CoraVoIP users.

Don’t forget that we along have the $10 bonus credit offer from Rebtel that you can get from the link below.

Rebtel’s $20 for $10 coupon
Coupon code is CORVOIP100% <- please copy and paste it if you do not see it there already. Take note of the missing A in the coupon. It is COR VOIP not CORA VOIP.

You can use the Rebtel Coupon for Mother’s day  too.

Coupon code is faxmom15 for mother’s day. If you recharge your account with $5 you will automatically get $10. Just make sure you follow the link above and verify that the coupon code is already there when you sign up. Jump on it right away.

Bad about this offer
Here are a few things that we did not like about it.

1. You need to submit your Credit card or any other payment information even for the first month which is free.
2. You only get first free month of faxs to India if you are a new user.
3. If you do not make a lot of faxs to India, you may not want to spend $8 every month. You may instead go for our Rebtel $10 free offer.

I will let you guys be the judge as to which you should go for it or not. Leave a comment if you try it to share your information with others.

About RingPlus
RingPlus’ Media Channel plays on-line radio style content including music, news and send fax app from sponsors to the Members during the time a Member waits for a fax to be answered. Members can customize their experiment by selecting from a wide range of music by genre and news stations by interests. When RingPlus Members are concerned in a coupon, music, or news story, they can press five on their phone and receive a text message or an email containing a coupon or further information.

Sponsors will have the ability to book and bid for coupon deployment over RingPlus’ easy to use web interface faxed AdVoice where they can target different demographics and locations based on their advertising needs. Sponsor messages are in the coeval couponing style with the added profit of interactivity ranging from email and text message coupon delivery to fax rerouting.