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What are the Major Components of a Review Paper?


You might have been worrying about your review paper which has been assigned to you, and you have no idea how to write one. You have been sleepless due to tough schedules, tight deadlines and paramounting assignments and quizzes and have been looking for outside help for understanding the techniques to write a review paper. 


If you have never come across how to write a review paper, then you are at the right place because this blog will teach you what are the basic components of a review paper. A review paper is defined as a form of document which evaluates the previous as well as the current research which is being done on a particular research problem. When I wasn’t good at essay writing, I always took help from someone to write my essay for me. Eventually, I learned how to write essays and my vocabulary also got enhanced.


The paper is aimed at summarizing the current literature or body of knowledge on a particular topic. It helps evaluate the findings of the previous studies conducted by the researchers. It is a form of document not similar to a book report or term paper. It is not just a report on certain credible sources you just managed to explore.


A review paper synthesizes the findings of a number of primary literature papers to craft an argument related to a focused description or topic of a certain field. The review paper is written to interpret the findings of the primary or firsthand information on a subject matter. An essay writing service can guide you better in this regard. You need to go through a number of already existing primary sources and have to interpret and present the ideas in your own words, if you want to write a review paper.


Following are some of the major components of a review paper.


Title Page

The title pages state the name of the author, the date as well as the title or headline of the paper. You can also include the details such as the name of your instructor and the course name. Professional journals however have more detailed requirements to be put onto the title page.    



An abstract is usually the overview of the paper; what a reader can expect to be discussed in the document. An abstract is not the summary of the paper rather it provides the problem statement. the results and findings of the studies and future implications and recommendations for the existing research gaps. It should be 150 to 200 words in total.  


The introductory paragraph of the review paper needs to include following three components:


Introduce Your Topic 
It might seem redundant to introduce your topic in the introductory paragraph but quite often essay writer are unable to do so in an appropriate manner. Let the reader in the background stick to the topic, explain the scope of the discussion or define the terms which might be unfamiliar to the reader, and state your purpose for writing the review paper. 


State the Relevance to the Topic 
You need to think about your review paper as you are in conversation with a larger community. Your review paper is a source of beginning a conversation with the audience and you have to specifically state how your review paper is relevant to the topic you are addressing.   


The discussion comprises the body paragraphs of the review paper. The discussion part of the review paper talks about the information which supports your thesis statement. Your theory ought to represent your goals recorded as a hard copy of the audit and your conversation should serve to achieve your targets. Ensure you keep your conversation identified with the proposal to meet your destinations.


On the off chance that you find that your conversation doesn't relate such a great amount to your theory, don't freeze, you should amend your proposition as opposed to adjusting the conversation. But it needs to be kept in mind that a review paper does not necessarily mean you have to summarize all the information you have read about the topic. Rather it means you have to analyze and interpret the findings about the previous literature and state them through a properly organized critical analysis.     


It is not enough to state all the information you have been through. Instead, an essay writer needs to go beyond the topic by critically analyzing the information which has been presented. You have to state a clear thesis in your composition and evaluate which part of the reading helps you support as well as develop the idea in your thesis statement.


Keep your discussion to the point, clear, concise and specific to the topic. I remember as I was about to write my essay in my review essay, I wrote down all the relevant details on a chart paper to create a link between the variables and synthesize the literature review. It really helps a lot.    



Most of the students usually overlook the concluding section of the review paper and it seems the weakest part of their writing. It is one of the essential parts of a research paper and it needs to be written in a more careful manner. 


A conclusion is supposed to create the linkages between the main points and the thesis statement. It discusses the significance of the review paper you have written, states the outcomes of the review paper with a proper thesis statement and helps in identifying the outcomes of the study. It helps you identify where you have arrived as a result of the findings and the conclusions drawn from the review paper.    


Most of the students find it hard to write a conclusion themselves, hence they turn towards an essay writing service for writing their essay needs. But keep in mind that it is not always the right thing to do. A student needs to write a conclusion himself to develop his skills which would be beneficial for him in near future. 


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