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Kasandra Murray

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I am often asked by others why my logo is an inside-out umbrella. If I wanted to give you the cold hard truth, I would tell you that it was a part of a project my senior year at Columbus College of Art and Design, but the cut and dry version is a little too boring for me.

I was born into a lower-middle-class family in the western region of Central Ohio. While attempting to draw a human figure at the age of five, I began to compare my work to my fellow kindergarteners and realized that I had potential and could do this art thing for the rest of my life.

Thus began my 21-year journey of observing, doodling and imagining my way into many extraordinary situations, stories, and adventures. Throughout my journey as an artist, I have seen many misfortunes. Some of these misfortunes range from simply stepping in gum all the way up to losing my first apartment to a freak act of nature. Even with these setbacks I am always strategically planning my next move as an artist no matter how many curve balls the universe throws at me. My lack of luck may make me look like an unfortunate soul from an outside perspective, but when you are as unlucky as I am, you learned to love all of life's challenges.

I hope you can enjoy every bit of me I share with you on this website, and I hope that one day we can meet and swap stories and a good laugh.

Until then, I will be taking on life's sudden sharp turns knowing it is all that you make of it, and that is what I choose to use as many strokes, line widths, and textures as I embrace the unexpected.

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