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 Kaitie has been an artist for many years and has been focused on making this a career for over 10 years. She started out being fascinated by Disney's the Lion King, watching every Don Bluth film she could get her hands on, and other styles of art including anime and mangas. As she tried in late 2011 to get a degree in Media Arts and Animation, she was duped by a for-profit falsey-accredited school. Since then, she has been working on a graphic novel and becoming a further self-taught student. In 2018, she decided to go back to school to achieve a BFA in Painting and Drawing.

Her skills range from traditional painting to graphic designs for different companies. She has been working with a non-profit anime convention to create artwork for their use as merchandise and more. With her passion amping up, she started to take her artwork seriously in 2017. In 2019 she will have an artist alley table at AnimeUSA and will be featured through their media. Currently, she is studying to attain an associate degree in General Studies and an associate of applied science in Studio Art so she can transfer to get a bachelor of fine arts degree in Painting and Drawing at her nearby college.

Creating has never stopped for her and she wants to share her talents/skills with others. She accepts SFW commissions, NSFW for extra charges, and is working on her graphic novel more. Her admiration for other artists throughout her life and her desire to see her own characters come to life only furthered her choice to accept commissions. She knew that others felt the same and Kaitie wants to provide that service to everyone.