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A cleanly lined, or sketchy lined, image of your character. 
Possible to color in yourself or simply keep as an image.

  • You MUST include a visual reference of your character!
  • Please note...
    • This is price PER character.
    • Approval sketch stage.
    • Additional costs may occur.
    • Comes flat, must request shading if desired.
    • Time varies from 1 to 2 weeks.

  • You will receive...
    • One block color image sized around 1000px (with outline/signature)
    • One block color image without outline/signature.

  • I AM willing to draw...
    • Any species (animal/anthro/human all ok)
    • Original characters or fanart
    • Nonsexual character interaction
    • Light gore or nudity

  • I AM NOT willing to draw...
    • Explicit violent or sexual content
    • Fetishes or kinks

With purchase you agree to the sites and my TOS [link available on the profile page]


About the Creator


New Creator

Casual digital artist & college student with free time to spare

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