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[Experimental] Outfit Reference Commissions

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NOTE:  By commissioning me, you agree to my terms of service! 
Completed piece will be signed (see above).

^^^ Take a moment to check out the examples and their labels above! ^^^

Doll ($20)/"Initial Fee" - A flat coloured, front-facing reference of the character, completed in the style above.
You only need to purchase the doll once - you can come back as many times as you like to buy more outfits draw-overs! However, you must have commissioned a doll in order to buy an outfit.

★ + Outfit ($15) - A new outfit is drawn onto the doll. Note: These are not necessarily design commissions. Visual and/or specific references of the entire/parts of the outfit are ideal!
Expression/Arm Pose Change (+$3) - I change the way the arms are situated
      and/or the expression of the doll for this outfit specifically. (You can see this in the
      examples above - the arms and face look slightly different in both outfits.)

★★★ + Spooky Outfit ($10) - (Until Nov. 3?) A halloween costume is drawn onto the doll. I will try to complete these before Halloween!
I will not portray specific tradition/cultures or offensive material as costumes.

(You don't need to submit multiple orders to buy multiple outfits/an outfit and a doll/etc; there's space in the submission form to let me know exactly what/how many you want and we can adjust the price accordingly.) 

Price is subject to increase with complexity (very complex markings or many outfit details)! Please ask if you're unsure!

Price equates to roughly $10/hr.
"Experimental" commissions are still in the works. I have done very few of this type of commission, so the results may vary from the example(s) slightly. The price may increase in future openings.


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Hi there! I'm Tiger, nice to meet you!