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05. You make a conversational bot named bot1. You need to configure the bot to use a QnA Maker operation. From the Azure Portal, where can you find the information needed by bot1 to connect to the Q & as Maker operation? 
 a) Access control( IAM) 

 b) parcels 

 c) Keys and Endpoint 

 d) Identity 

 06. You're training a Language Understanding model for a stoner support system. You produce the first intent named Get Contact Details and add 200 exemplifications. 
 You need to drop the liability of a false positive. What should you do? 

 a) Enable active literacy. 

 b) Add a machine learned reality. 

 c) Add fresh exemplifications to the Get Contact Details intent. 

 d) Add exemplifications to the None intent. 


 07. You use the Custom Vision service to make a classifier. After training is complete, you need to estimate the classifier. Which two criteria are available for review? 
 Choose two.) 

 a) recall 

 b) F- score 

 c) weighted delicacy 

 d) perfection 

 e) area under the wind( AUC) 

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  08. Your company wants to reduce how long it takes for workers to log bills in expenditure reports. All the bills AI-102 Exam Dumps  are in English. 
 You need to prize top- position information from the bills, similar as the seller and the sale total. The result must minimize development trouble. 

 Which Azure Cognitive Services service should you use? 
 a) Custom Vision 

 b) Personalizer 

 c) Form Recognizer 

 d) Computer Vision 

  09. You're erecting a bot on a original computer by using the Microsoft Bot Framework. The bot will use an being Language Understanding model. 
 You need to restate the Language Understanding model locally by using the Bot Framework CU. What should you do first? 

 a) From the Language Understanding gate, clone the model. 

 b) Import the model as an. lu train. 

 c) produce a new Speech service. 

 d) produce a new Language Understanding service. 

  10. Which of the below cognitive service is NOT a Language Cognitive Service offering from Azure? 
 a) Speech Service 

 b) Language Understanding 

 c) Immersive anthology 

 d) Text Analytics 


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