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A set of tiefling (or just demon, if you prefer) boys for adoption! Buyers will recieve a high res image of their chosen tiefling. The base price is $30, and for an extra $10 I can make some tweaks to the design. Possible tweaks are things like adding genitals, adding markings like scars, simple tattoos, or freckles, and/or adding piercings or other jewelry. I will not dramatically change the color schemes or hair/horn styles. I may charge more if you want a large number of tweaks. For an extra $25 I'll draw an outfit of your choice on your tiefling, and send you high res clothed and unclothed images of him.

If you'd prefer your tief be a girl, I can add breasts and/or narrow the waist a little at no extra charge. I will have to charge extra if you want more dramatic changes.

Currently there are 6 designs available. They will be sold on a first come first serve basis.

When you request a design you should see a short adoption survey to fill out. In case it does not display correctly here are the questions on it:
Please fill out this adoption form to request your tiefling! 

1: What number tiefling would you like? If you're unsure which number goes with which design feel free to also describe the design a bit.

2: Do you need any tweaks made to the design? (Add $10) If so please describe what you'd like.

3: Do you want a clothed version as well? (Add $25) If so please describe the sort of outfit you'd like me to design OR attach images of the clothes you'd like on him.

4: The high res image will come in a .png format. It can have a transparent background or a solid color. If you have a preference please let me know here.


About the Creator

Kieran Thompson

New Creator

I draw comics where boys kiss each other. Usually there's elves and magic and stuff somewhere in there too.

If you'd like to commission me for something other than my standard items, please contact me and we can probably work something out.

You can find my comics at
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