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Hello we are all weak and tired so I thought I'd make this special listing! I don't spend too much energy and you don't spend too much cash on an art for yourself 👌

YOU GET: a simpler drawing done in a style similar to the examples! drawn within a time-limit just about 25 minutes ( more likely: upwards of 1 hr haha ) delivered to you as a .JPG file!

Normally I spend at least a whole 3 days on a work so it's my hope that if I give myself a time-limit, I ease my stress a bit! ( and you get a much faster and unique commish ^^ )

Send me your character and a short description of who they are, what personality, and what kind of pose you'd like!

I'll draw and color your character in whatever way inspires me the most. Most probably at the least from the Waist-Up.

Since this is meant to be quicker and less stressful, no revisions will be allowed.

Be sure to check out my guidelines to see what I can and probably cannot draw! 

Thank you for looking ♪(´▽`)


About the Creator


hello! you can call me ghost

i draw cute things and characters mostly :3

art archive for more examples at https://pocketghosts.tumblr.com
social at https://mastodon.art/@pocketghosts || https://twitter.com/pocketghosts