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**Edit: I now can take payment through paypal as well as stripe! ( Taking money right from your card ) Just let me know in advance what you prefer !

All my chibi styles! You will be sent a sketch for confirmation before I finish !
I'm willing to do gore/guro, body horror, and top nudity. It'll be cute and stylized though

Normal Chibis: $10 Each
Chibi Sketch: $7 Each, $10 for two
Chibi-ish style animations: Usually $5 per frame, will need to be discussed further, duplicate frames do not add to the cost
Complex designs will be charged more depending on the circumstance!

NOTE: these options are only available for the normal $10 chibi
Props are free if simple (pencil, leaves, etc,)
Props are +$2 if average (bottles, phones, stuffed animals, etc)
Props are +$6 and up if complex (computers, beds, etc)
please note all props will be simplified to match style

Backgrounds start at an additional +$10
please note all backgrounds will be simplified to match style

Simple animations start at +$5, can be discussed further


About the Creator


ASK about animation and NSFW fees!

💕Fairy / CJ | They - Them Pronouns | Mulatto
💕Commissions always open, always looking for work !
💕Freelance artist + Fashion designer for
💕You are not to use, repost, trace or edit my art in any way, shape or form
💕Pedos/Maps DNI
💕All my social media links: ♥