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Full Color Character Pinups

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I'll draw one full body of a character, fully shaded and colored, and posed however you like. Original characters are preferred, but not required.

The art you'll receive is digital and will be high enough resolution to print on a standard home printer (8.5"x11") if not a bit bigger. I can adjust for larger sizes within reason.

Characters of any race/species are okay.
Characters of any gender are okay.
Adult content is okay, however I will not draw children or non-sentient animals in sexual situations. Furries and intelligent fantasy creatures/monsters are fine.

I might need to charge a bit extra if your character design is extremely complicated or intricate. If you're worried this may be an issue please ask! I like to think I'm pretty reasonable.

Conversely if you would prefer just a rough sketch let me know. I usually charge about $50 for those.


About the Creator

Kieran Thompson

New Creator

I draw comics where boys kiss each other. Usually there's elves and magic and stuff somewhere in there too.

If you'd like to commission me for something other than my standard items, please contact me and we can probably work something out.

You can find my comics at
Or Follow me on Social Media: Tumblr, Twitter, Pillowfort
I also have a Patreon. and an