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PWYW Character Art

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Pay what you want for art of your OC in a fabulously angular style, ranging from flat-colored pics to quality poster pieces.

My works range from super-stylized cartoon-like characters to semi-stylized characters with semi-realistic proportions. I usually do anthro characters, but humans and other humanoids are fine! NSFW is OK as well! Please check the project guidelines to see what is and isn't allowed.

All commissions come with a high-res image, a PSD source file and (if possible) a timelapse video.

Pricing is based on a rate of ~$20 USD/Hour
Pay what you think is appropriate! The level of finish on your commission will be based on how complex your request is and how much you pay. If your request is initially refused, please consider either reducing the complexity of your request or increasing the cost. High-end works like some of the nicer examples shown take around 6-10 hours to complete.

If you are interested in a larger project or commercial work, please contact me directly via E-mail


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Digital artist who has a healthy appetite for hard angles.

If you are interested in something large, or commercial work, please reach me via email.