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Decorative Character Sheet covers

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Get a fancy full color coversheet for your Dungeons and Dragons (or other TTRPG) character. The sheet will contain a color portrait of the character and some decorative elements around the character's name and basic stats.

Sheets are custom illustrations and will take some time to complete. I typically draw them to be printed on a standard home printer sheet. (i.e. 8.5" by 11" paper) 

The base design is intended for DnD5E but I can adapt it for other game systems on request. I just need a comparable amount of information about the character. Please understand that I am familiar with several TTRPG systems I do not own books for all of them so I may not know the layout or most pressing info for every game system.

Any any gender or race/species of character is okay. NSFW content is okay, so long as you are a legal adult.


About the Creator

Kieran Thompson

I'm a gay trans man and I draw comics where boys kiss each other. Usually there's elves and magic and stuff somewhere in there too. My favorite thing to get commissioned for is your OC.

If you'd like to commission me for something other than my standard items, please contact me and we can probably work something out. My work email is [email protected]

You can find my comics at
Or Follow me on Social Media: Tumblr, Twitter, Pillowfort
I also have a Patreon and an and a teepublic