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(Pixel) Tiny Sprites [10]

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I define a tiny pixel work as a sprite around 25x25 pixels or lower. Each sprite is .50c, but a minimum of 10 must be ordered at a time. So, if adding more sprites, add in 50 cent increments. Adding animation to the sprites will have an additional fee that will vary depending on complexity. Pokemon trainer sprites in firered style contain 9 unique sprites, but will be rounded up to 10 since they are animated. Sprites have no limits besides no NSFW, but keep in mind the size limitations. Please provide any tileset, color, or size limitations before work is started! Only small mistakes will be changed after finished, so please be clear.

If you're looking for something larger, please check out the medium sprites listing, or email me with what you'd like done and I'll price it out for you.

Licensing Note: These sprites are for non-commercial use. If used in fan-games or other programs not meant to make a profit this is fine. If these are commissioned to be used in a game or application for sale/set alongside micro-transactions, you may buy a commercial use license for a $5 fee per set of 10 sprites.


About the Creator


Hey, I'm Nina!

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I went to school for art, did pretty well, went back home to support my family then has a few issues. I'm back on track and am opening all kinds of commissions, but focusing on pixel art! Please consider me for your needs.