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Pinterest OC Aesthetic Board

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Have you ever wanted to make a oc aesthetic board but don’t know where to start, what boards to follow, what search’s to make?

Well, I would like to say that I’m fairly good at putting together boards, and I could start up a board that will get you where you want to be going.

With this, you will get a board with at least 20 pins to start you off, and 10 similar boards(or sub boards) to follow that will help you find new pins. These should be enough to help generate the “more ideas” tab of your board that pinterest supplies! This will be a shared board with your account, which once this is finished, I will leave from!

For more examples, check out for full view of most of my boards. 


About the Creator

Shad Andrews

New Creator

Just a small boy who cries about his D&D characters.
A Lot.