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Custom Open Mouth Dragon

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A handmade crocheted dragon, approximately four inches tall, in 2-15 colors (creator recommends 3-5 colors) of acrylic yarn, with felt eyes and teeth, stuffed with polyfil

Dragons are based on a freely available pattern created by amiamour but physically crocheted/created by me.

Typical orders will take approximately a week to create and ship, once started. I am happy to send progress photos at a reasonable frequency, if requested.
Price includes standard shipping within the USA and most customizations (examples described below; exceptions that would bring the price up are clearly marked)
There is also an option to buy a matching egg as part of the same order, which will increase the price (the egg comes in one of two styles; the dragon fits inside the egg, but it's a tight fit)

If you want multiple dragons or dragon/egg sets, feel free to request them all in a single project, just expect the price to scale accordingly. If you buy three or more at once, I may be willing to negotiate a discount.

Included customizations

generally this pattern works best with 3-5 colors: one for the inside of the mouth, one for the body, one or two colors for the wings (if only one, the accents will match the body unless otherwise specified), and one for the belly (which can also match the wings or be omitted entirely). However, two is the bare minimum (wing accents and belly will match the mouth) and every separately-worked piece (tail, two each of arms, legs, wings, and ears, accents on each wing, torso, belly, inside of mouth, main part of head) can be a different color without raising the price, if you want a patchwork-style dragon in up to fifteen different colors of yarn.

Eggs, although worked as a single piece, may have horizontal stripes in a similar number of colors (1-5 recommended)

On the flip side, nearly any body part beside the head can be omitted -  though if you want it without arms and legs (a wyvern), I can no longer guarantee the dragon will sit up nicely on its own.

Colors are almost entirely your choice - I can't promise to match hex codes, because computer screens are more flexible than yarn manufacturers, but there are many many shades available in easily available acrylic yarn.
To avoid delays, try to ask for colors with a medium amount of specificity. If you start with color names like magenta, army green, lavender, or royal blue I can start right away. If you ask for the above as pink, green, purple, or blue, I'll ask for further clarification. If you ask for something extremely specific but not yarn-niche, like "matching the opi nail polish shade 'pretty in pink'" I'll probably have to ask for further clarification (and then I'll definitely check with you again to confirm whether a particular yarn is close enough)
If you do have something extremely specific in mind: if it's a particular shade of red heart or caron or other widely-available brand of yarn (at major usa retailers) with "no dye lot", I can match it exactly. Otherwise, I'll do my best. I can't cover every case in a summary; talk to me about what you want and we'll figure something out.

Pride Flags

If you would like a pride-flag themed dragon (check out the trans flag dragon in the example images), please link to or upload an image of the exact flag you want, just in case. Some identities have several popular flags, and I wouldn't want to guess wrong about which one you meant.


Base price is listed, and any of the above customizations are included, but any of the following modifications will raise the price:

yarn that is not a solid color (eg ombre pattern) $5+ depending on what is requested

yarn that is a material other than acrylic (eg 100% cotton) $10+ depending on what is requested (changing materials may also affect color availability)

weighted (torso stuffed with plastic pellets; head and limbs still stuffed with polyfil): $15

simple egg (smooth with slight ridges): $15

fancy egg (scaly/"pinecone" texture): $45

rush job/priority shipping/shipping outside the USA
: talk to me about your specific needs and I'll come up with a quote. If I cannot meet the rush deadline, I will decline your project instead


About the Creator

Kirby Ariel

New Creator

Kirby, they/them

located in mst/mdt USA (UTC-6/-7)

I started making custom crochet stuffies as a hobby project within the polycule - one to match everyone's 'sona, but then I decided I love doing it and I'd like to make more. But I suffer from decision paralysis and can't just fill up an etsy store with premade ones. I'd rather make them to order - to match you or your loved one's 'sona or in your favorite colors.

Initial listings are only for various styles of dragon, because I have the best photos of them, and the most variety of patterns I've already followed. but I've made many stuffed animals in many colors. if you've got a different animal in mind, feel free to contact me. I'm sure we can work something out. (Price is primarily a function of size, both for material cost and labor/time investment, so compare against my available options for a pre-quote, if you're shy)