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I have so many WIPs that I never seem to get to or finish.  So here's a small collection of what I've got started.  You can purchase a WIP at a discounted rate from what a commission of a similar size would cost, and make it a default stream project.  Once it's complete, you get the finished project.

There are no flair or sizing/quality options for these.  They've already been started, so changing any details would mean starting a brand new project.

How it works

  • Browse through the images below.  Each image has a price and dimensions on it.
  • Place an order on THIS listing.  Please include you address, if outside the US, and the project you want to buy
  • You will be added to my work queue, and your project will become a default stream project (a project I cycle through during my livestreams, without input from viewers)

You'll be provided with a completion estimate with your invoice.  Rush/Trade options for completion are available.  If you would like a Rush or Trade timeframe, please include that in your order.  Rush completion is 25% extra to the price.  Trade is a 25% discount.