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[PWYW] Warmup **HEADSHOT ONLY** Commissions

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Note: Completed piece will be signed!
PWYW = "Pay What You Want". You can adjust the price while filling out the form under "Create Project"!

Hi there! I'm currently in the process of returning from a hiatus, and need to warm up to drawing again! These are some quick and simple commissions, but there's one big catch:

No matter how much you pay for these, I won't draw anything below your character's shoulders!

Historically when doing my mystery commissions, generous clients pay a lot more than I expect, and I try to compensate by creating big pieces for them - and instead of warming up, I get burnt out before I've even started!

At $15, you can expect a colored, not-overly-precise bust of your character, but as the price increases, I can spend more and more time on the piece ^_^/ In other words, the amount you pay equates to the amount of time I spend, but I cannot do anything more than a headshot.

Additionally, please be prepared for the possibility that my style may be slightly different due to experimentation and rustiness!! I cannot guarantee these busts will be in the same style as my previous commissions, but can promise I will do my best to portray your character!

I hope that all makes sense -- and sorry that I'm not offering more right now!! -- but I'm really looking forward to drawing for you again, in any capacity!

Price equates to roughly $10/hr.
Love, Tiger 


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Hi there! I'm Tiger, nice to meet you!