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By commissioning me, you agree to my terms of service! Please read through these, as they affect the way you can use and distribute my art.

Note: Completed piece will be signed!
YCH = "Your Character Here" - most aspects of the art will be identical to the example, except for the character's design.
This is the first run of this style of commission, the price is subject to increase.
A valentines themed YCH that is, once again, slightly too close to Valentines than I'd have liked - but it will have to do |D;; 
  • Additions:
The expression largely cannot be changed for this style of commission. 
Unique head shapes may not be compatible with this style of commission, or incur a fee if large changes to the original structure are required. 
Complicated characters incur additional fees on a case-by-case basis.
  • Completion:
The final piece is a .png file, around 1500 pixels wide, with a background as seen above, as well as an alternate version with no background (transparent .png).
Love, Tiger  ♥️


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Hi there! I'm Tiger, nice to meet you!