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Photo Drawover

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Especially popular with furry and fantasy characters, a drawover is what it says on the tin: I will integrate your character into your photo. You must own the rights to the image (you took or had professionally photographed, ex: selfies, vacation photos, cosplay) or it must be immediately recognized as a transformative work (public domain, memes, popular television or anime screencaps, etc).

What I need:
-Your photo. Must be in-focus and well lit! You may censor your face or identifying features to remain visually anonymous, so long as the censor doesn’t take up too much space. For example, I censored a liscenced image from Unsplash ( to show an ideal photo to send. I can let you know if an image will take too much editing to work ahead of time if you’re unsure.
-Please no fursuit pics, as they‘re too bulky.
-Do not send me nudes, period.
-Have a clear reference of the character to be drawn and let me know what kind of expression to give them!


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Digital artist, always up for a challenge.

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