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Character Design-- CUSTOM Reference Sheet!

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  • 3- character turnaround (front, quarter view, and rear view)
  •  6 headshots with different expressions of your choice
  • Up to 2 prop designs included in this price! (additional props will be $7 each) (prop would be: weapons, instruments, stuffed animal, etc)
  •  A character color chart and description box
  •  Any other tattoo design/scars/powers etc

The reference sheet will be designed on a per-character basis--each one will look a little different. I can draw humans, anthros, animals, and more! Drawings will be colored with flat colors only--that is they will not have any shading. The turnarounds will all have a simple standing pose, if you are looking for a full colored action shot feel free to check out my digital commission listing!

This price is for personal use only...which means you cannot use my art to generate any sort of income. Of course this will be YOUR character so you are free to do with him/her as you wish obviously--- just my art itself cannot be resold or used for any profit.

Feel free to ask me any questions!


About the Creator

HB Huddleston

Hey there!

I am creator of the fantasy webcomic, Serpents of Old.

If you found your way here through following my comic, I hope you will consider supporting me through any available means here on! This includes monthly support (still working on the incentives),  tips, or even buy a commission! It would mean a lot...and help me justify all the time I pour into this thing.

For anyone else stopping by commissions are OPEN! Please consider liking my FACEBOOK PAGE for regular updates on that matter! 

Thanks so much for taking the time!