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[YCH] Paper Pride Parade

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By commissioning me, you have agreed to my terms of service! 
Note: Completed piece will be signed!

A pride month exclusive YCH (your character here) piece following the sketch and theme shown above! 

The following can be altered (at your request):
  • The species: 
    • Any species (extremely complicated characters may incur a fee) 

  • The outfit;
    • Cannot be extremely complex (simple patterns) and is optional!

  • The pride flag design of...
    • The flag itself,
    • The flagpole* (can also be plain colors)
    • The confetti* (can also be plain colors);

  • The flag's design/shape:
    • Rectangular (small)
    • Pennant (long)
    • [New] F#@*ing Big Flag (big)

  • The type of legs:
    • Plantigrade (straight-legged)
    • Digigrade 

The background of the final piece (excluding the white outline and drop shadow) will be transparent!

Thank you and happy pride month! :D <3
Price equates to roughly $10/hr.
*For the flagpole and confetti, a pride flag (especially with a more complicated design) may not be perfectly replicated. In this case, the colors/color order of the flag will be used where possible.


About the Creator


Hi there! I'm Tiger, nice to meet you!