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Live2D Vtuber CHIBI Model Character Art Ready to Rig

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2 listing slots available

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DescriptionCreator Project Guidelines »

Please include references and description in your project details. At the end of the project you will be receiving a ready to rig psd file and an HD png version of your model.


Additional Hand : 10$-20$ (depending on  the complexity)
Additional Expression : 20$
Character Designing: 100$ (for those without concrete character sheet/concept)
Complex accessories: 10$-30$ (depending on the complexity)

Things to consider:

You will have the commercial rights to the art made. If merchandise is to be made from my art, kindly give inform and credit to the artist
I will do up to 3 revisions during the sketching and linearting phase, beyond that there will be a revision fee
Completed commissions may posted on my social media. Kindly inform me if you wish to make your model/character anonymous.
A 50% down payment is needed before I can start working on your model
Payments are made via Paypal or bank transfer

If you have any other questions or anything that I haven't mentioned, please don't hesitate to contact me here or through email: [email protected]


About the Creator


Art is my passion and creativity is my tool in expressing myself. I have been making art for 7 years, venturing on digital paintings, portraits, pixels and illustrations.

My specialty is anime styled illustrations. To be honest, I am an avid fan of a lot of anime shows such as haikyuu, attack on titan, Jojo's bizarre adventures, Bungou stray dogs, etc. If you want to talk about anime, dont hesitate to approach me :) I dont mind extra company