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Pay What You Want (PWYW) Sketches

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$5 Minimum

PWYW commissions are currently experimental.

Pay what you want sketch commissions are a cheaper alternative to my other commission options. They are uncoloured sketches that range from rough to clean, with the detail of the images (generally) determined by how much was paid.

The quality of PWYW sketch commissions will vary from piece to piece. However, I will always make sure a minimum standard is met: your characters will always be recognisable, will have their important features (eg. tails, ears, eyes) considered in the sketch, and the commissions will never be less than a bust.

PWYW commissions are be non-refundable.


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For more accurate examples/pricing info, visit my website's commission page!

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I use the non-commercial licence as the default here, but if you're wondering exactly what else I allow with art commissioned from me check out my off-site copyright policy!