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Spirit Portrait

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Portraits of your Spirit Companions done in digital media.  Please read the info below and check out the pricing structure.

I don't need a name, but please give me a description of what you see/feel about your spirit companion.  Let me know what you know of their looks, and I'll work out the rest intuitively! 

$15 - Sketch
$20 - Colored Sketch
$25 - Flat Color
$35 - Color and Shading
$40 - Color and Shading with a simple background (colors, shapes)


About the Creator


New Creator

Hello friends!

I am Obsydian, a 30-something creator of art!

My primary focus has been around Ancient Egyptian deities and mythology, however, I also do furry art, creatures, and humanoids as well!

I work digitally, be it on my Lenovo Thinkpad or Surface Go.  Clip Studio Paint is my program of choice, and I happily wield a Bamboo Ink Pen Plus.

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