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This listing is for fully colored artwork. It can be of any character (or characters) your heart desires, whether it be fanart or your own original design!

$50 is the base price for a single character from the waist up. If you'd like a full body image, extra characters, or perhaps something else, additional pricing is below:

+$10/each: Additional character
+$10: Full body
+$10: Simple background
+$20: Animals/Furry
+$20: NSFW

Colored lineart can be added at no cost, so please let me know if you'd like it!

This is a digital commission. You will be sent a high res digital image upon completion. No physical copy will be provided.


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New Creator

LegolianM (Lego M) creates the webcomic Kinder des Lich. He also enjoys drawing OCs and fanart for a number of things, such as Dragon Age, Critical Role, and Homestuck.

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