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Salutations, everyone! This is a bit of an atypical style of commission, so I'm going to be a bit thorough with this listing. Please bear with me and read these terms in their entirety.

The base price is for consultations, which you can read more about below.

A bit of background on myself: I am entering my 16th year of being a professional editor. I have experience in non-fiction, fiction, games, and translations. I have worked as a copywriter/copyeditor for thirteen years. My experience comes primarily from helping independent authors as well as helping clients in countries such as France and Japan with pinch hit edits. I am open for SFW and NSFW projects.

I'm opening myself more up to the public by branching out these services. With this new change in direction, I'm only interested in doing fictional work across a variety of media. Though non-fiction work had its moments of entertainment, I no longer feel fulfilled by that sort of work.

Past & current clients include T. D. Cloud (website/Patreon) and Jisuk Cho (website/Patreon).

Low-Income Clients

Please read this if you are low-income before continuing on. I understand that these prices can often be daunting, especially if you are just trying to get your foot in the door. I don't wish to gatekeep anyone and keep them from services that they're genuinely interested in. Please email me at inquiries ✦ crowbased • nl with subject line "IC Editing Query" so that we can discuss matters in a discreet and professional matter. You do not have to explain your circumstances to me, out of your own privacy, but please be honest when using this connection. My aim is to help those less fortune.

Legend: ✦ = @, • = . (period/dot)

Understanding the Services

Please understand that the base price is for a three-hour consultation via Discord or a week's work of email exchanges. More on consultation will be described below. The types of editing services I offer are proofreading, copyediting, and structural/developmental editing.

Proofreading is as it says on the tin: I'm only looking for grammatical, spelling errors, and typos. There may also be the most minor touch on structural errors. Oftentimes, this work is done to make sure material is polished to a shine before final publication.

Copyediting is a bit more involved. This checks for any inconsistencies in materials, requesting feedback, and checking structural while also proofreading. This isn't a heavy overall; this isn't about changing or reworking the author's material. It mostly just comes down to making sure everything flows nicely and giving some food for thought before work is either put into pre-publication or brought back to the drawing board for some minor changes.

Structural/developmental editing — or as I have come to call it, whether right or wrong, substantive editing — is a heavy overhaul of work. Heavy feedback, sentence restructuring, content editing/deletion, proofreading, checking for inconsistencies,  and a peer review. This comes with a lot of time and a lot of client-editor communication. I become your lifeline, especially if this is in the early stages of work.

Here is my tier of standard rates for reach with their limitations.

Proofreading: $1.25/pg up to 200 pages
Copyediting: $0.0025/wd up to 50'000 words
Substantive Editing: $0.0075/wd up to 100'000 words


Consultation or peer review is a flat rate thing. I read over your product and provide a basic report of feedback. This is meant to see what services would be best for you, provide direction, and to give you things to work on. This is especially helpful if you are doing draft after draft after draft with work, know that you're still going to be working on it, but don't want to commit to editing yet. This does not include any structural changes or proofreading or any of the above services. This is only meant to put you on the right track for your work. Excerpts might be used to illustrate a point, but that is it.

This service is $25-100 depending on the medium and page count. 

Ordering Services

I will be asking for the following information in the order template. Please be sure to fill it out accordingly. If you don't have anything to write for the optional portions, please leave blank or write "N/A".

Media Type: Script/Literature/Comic
  • Are you sending me a script for a game, podcast, etc. Is this a book? Are these comic pages? Please only send one inquiry at a time per medium. 
Service request: Proofreading/Copyediting/Substantive/Consultation  

Elevator Pitch: OPTIONAL! Give me a quick bite of what you're working on.
  • "This is a script for a game that's like Devil May Cry meets Great British Bake Off."
  • "This is a hard core lesbian comic based around motorcycles and magic spoons." 
Basic Summary: If you don't have an elevator pitch for your work (and I won't blame you if you don't, those things are hard), just give me a rough understanding of what you're working on.
Complete  (yes/no): If your work is not complete, please complete the next query.
Draft Status: Is this your first draft, your second? Are you in perpetual draft hell? If this draft is not finished, please put "Incomplete". That's perfectly acceptable.
Current Word/Page Count: This is required. Please tell me how many words and/or pages you have with your current project. It's okay if it changes later. You will be charged only by the initial manuscript sent to me.


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