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I will make any image you provide into a stitched piece of artwork.

 Full coverage pieces are fully-detailed, larger projects. The price quoted is per-pattern-page.  Pattern pages are approximately 48x60 stitches, and this cannot be changed.  Full coverage pieces are as detailed as possible, so the pattern needs to be clear and easy to read, unlike smaller projects where I can get away with cramming more information into a smaller space.

The minimum charge for these pieces is $120.  The pricing is 1¢ per pixel/stitch,  rounded to the nearest whole dollar.  The minimum size for these pieces is 100x120 stitches.  Any smaller than this, and your order will be converted to another commission type.

Payment Plans

I do offer payment plans for large pieces.  If you cannot pay for the entire project upfront, I can charge per-page, or per-half-page.  Once an entire page has been paid for, I will work on that page until it is complete.  Upon completion of that page, I will stop production until payment for the next page has been received.

Patrons receive a discount on this item.


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See this board for current slot availability.

These pieces are hand-stitched with a needle and thread, and can take a very long time to do.  You will not get quick artwork from me.  I ask that commissioned artwork be safe for work, and adhering to Twitch and YouTube's content guidelines.  If you would like something that falls outside this scope, I will still make it for you, but with a private project fee of 25%.  Streaming commissions and putting them on YouTube as speed paints is how I'm able to keep my prices cheap.

I do offer payment plans for all listings, excluding digital content.  Please contact me if you would like to set up an arrangement.

There is no lower limit to the size of projects.  I can make very tiny things.  I do have an upper limit of about 30 inches wide, though projects can be taller, depending on the fabric you want to use.  I offer three sorts of fabrics, which will give you three resolutions.  I have 14ct, 18ct, or 22ct fabric available.  The numbers refer to the amount of stitches (pixels) per inch.

For detailed size and material information, please see this page.

I ship the finished projects within a week of getting your approval for the finished item.  Outside of where specified, I do not offer finishing services outside of mounting in an embroidery hoop.  If you would like your piece framed, to keep shipping costs low, you will have to find a local framer for this step.

Shipping is calculated (small items like needleminders are typically under $3.  Custom projects can start around $7 and go up depending on size.  Outside of the US, the cheapest I can manage for anything is $15).