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A little bleppy icon!

These are intended to be used for icons, mostly for twitter, so they are cropped to fit within a circular space perfectly, and have high visibility. They will have thick, easy-to-see lines and only a couple layers of light shading. They will be just the head with no neck, but adding accessories like collars shouldn't be any problem. 

Additional effects (like the layered effect in the background of mine) are easy to do, just ask!

Commission Information:

  • Finished file: 2048px by 2048px. (Unless requested otherwise.)
  • WIPs will be given for approval, so contact is a must. If not through Commiss.io, you can find my contact information at the bottom.
  • After-the -fact alterations are doable, but within reason. 
  • Finished artwork will be used as examples, please let me know if you don't want your commission posted publicly! 
  • NO RECYCLED LINEART! Every single icon has custom made lineart! (Unless requested for some matching icons!)

Content Information:

  • Canines are my strongest subject and will have the absolute fastest turnover time, as far as first-come-first-serve.
  • I TAKE COMMISSIONS WITHOUT REFS/PREEXISTING ART! Will not charge extra, just be ready to communicate a lot to get your character right! 

Pricing Structure:

  • Base: $5
  • Basic background: Included
  • Accessories/addons: Included

Commission Process:

  • Quotes will be discussed and agreed upon before the project starts.
  • The first WIP will be given and sent for approval.
  • After the first WIP is approved by you, the project will be marked as officially started.
  • Multiple WIPs will be given throughout the process until the final assets are submitted for approval.
  • We're done! Thanks you for your business!

Contact Me!

Contact through Commiss.io is preferred, but I'm open to other types of contact if needed! 
Twitter »
Deviantart »


About the Creator


Heya! I'm Kyle, but I usually go by Woof. I am a furry digital artist with a love of drawing animals, especially canines!

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