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Comic pages!

I can work at flexible dimensions as long as they are within reason. (ie. Don't ask for a page that is 600x7000 pixels and expect it to be the same price as a 600x900 page.)

The price is additive depending on what you ask for! Meaning you should look at the prices below and add them together! It's priced this way in case of collaboration opportunities.

Remember this is a by page basis.

Pencils/Sketch (clean)-
$20 a page (This is the base price!)

Inking/Line Art-
+$30 a page

Flat Colors= +$20 a page
Cell Shading Colors= +$30 a page
Detailed Shading Colors= +$50 a page

- - -
I work with the program Clip Studio Paint, which can create and accept Photoshop files. I do all my art digitally, but I am familiar with working in multimedia projects. Essentially I am very flexible! Let me know if you have any concerns!

Do not resell prints of any kind of the comic pages you commissioned!
If you wish to create a commercial comic, say so we may discuss royalty fees!


About the Creator

AK illustrate

COMMISSIONS ARE CURRENTLY CLOSED: Sorry for the inconvenience!


I'm AK, a sequential artist, and illustrator who writes their own webcomics!

You can find out more about me on my website here!

Thank you! And hope you have a wonderful day!
May your spirit stay strong!