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Need figures for your tabletop game? Want custom ones, as miniatures aren't quite doing it for you?

With these you can use them as artwork tokens for your online campaign, or you can print and laminate them for your in-person games!

Single Character -- 25$
Want your character? You get the digital print file, which you can print out and laminate to make a figure for your character! One minor revision with no additional charge!

Four Player Campaign -- 75$
Want your whole group? You can get Each figure about 19$ now! One minor revision per each character with no additional charge!

Six Player Campaign -- 100$
Larger group, no problem! All six players for 100$, about 17$ each! One minor revision per character with no additional charge!

DM Deal -- 110$
Let me draw your NPCs! Let me know you're a DM, and you can get 8 characters for 110$!! Companions, Villains, Monsters -- If you have something special that you want to show off to your players, just let me know and we can work something out!


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Shad Andrews

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Just a small boy who cries about his D&D characters.
A Lot.