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Yokai Watch Medals

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  • Price varies, depending on complexity.
  • For each medal, please tell me what tribe you want them to be, or else I'll choose for you. I go by personality most of the time when giving tribes. Sometimes it will be design. Here's a list of them.
  • Limited to one character per medal only for now.
  • These can also be used as an icon if you like.
Below are the types of medals and their base price.

Classic Medal - $10.00
  • Have a light red rim medal
Merican Medal - $15.00
  • Have a dark red rim medal, comic style
Normal/Zero Medal - $18.00
  • Normal Medals have a gray/silver rim
  • Zero Medals have a light turquoise or green rim
Kuroi Medal - $19.00
  • Have a black border.
Dream Medal - $23.00
  • Appearance is similar to poker chips


About the Creator


New Creator

 Hello there! I'm Cinnamuff! Call me Cami. Artist, writer, aspiring animator. I like frogs, space, aliens, and toons. 

If you need more examples, you can check these places:


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Completed Orders:

  1. Inkdragonworks : Carrie
  2. Shadows-Of-Kage : Annie Icon
  3. Chenanigans : Cranky and Sap Medals
  4. KirbyWindWaker : Winter Mugman Icon

Email me at cinnamuff[at]yahoo[dot]com if you have any questions or need additional info.