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Before You Consider Purchasing this Commission:
Due to unfortunate circumstances, I must open commissions early.
What Happened?
  • In layman's terms, my computer completely died on me. At this current point in time (03/27/2017, 8:20 PM), I'm on a library computer at my college compiling this all out.
Wait, your computer DIED?
  • More or less. In the last 24 hours, while I was working on inking a current commission, my comp completely shut down on me. When I tried to turn it back on... it wouldn't let me through the window screen. So I went to restore my computer to a previous point... and it failed. SO, I tried to get into safe mode... and it wouldn't allow me into safe mode. SO, I tried to uninstall and reinstall windows while keeping my files intact... and since I started that, which was around midnight my time, it has not succeeded. It's been in the stage of uninstalling for 20 hours. My computer, in a considerate sense and to me, is dead.
You have other commissions?
  • Yes. Which is why, in all fairness to you, and to my previous customers, that I must inform you that if you do proceed in purchasing this commission, it will be quite some time before I am able to start your commission (give or take one to two months). I owe it to my previous commissioners to have their work done, as I promised them.
Well... that makes sense. I still would love a commission from you, though.
  • Thank you so much, honestly. You will honestly not regret it.
So what're you planning on doing with the money?
  • The goal is to get a new computer, a external hard drive, and a hard drive recovery set in motion. I already HAD a computer build that I planned on building sometime late this year, but due to the most recent unfortunate circumstances, I have to push that schedule up early. The computer build is $1500, the external hard drive is $100, and the recovery for all five years of the files I've lost... is $300. It's a steep slope I'm climbing.
Well, good luck to you. I hope it all turns out.
  • I do, too, honestly.
Thank you for reading, understanding, and to my past commissioners, for being patient. This was completely out of my control, but I hope to begin back on work very, very soon.


At a minimum of $250, you will receive a Full Bodied, Fully Colored, Fully Shaded, Detailed Sketch Page commission. With multiple drawings of your character in any fashion, style, shape, or theme, I will deliver to you an image of my highest capabilities, to your desired wishes, at an optimum time. I will be in contact with you on a step-by-step basis once I have started working on the commission. You will receive thumbnails, preliminary sketches, and a finalized sketch during the process, all of which will be at the subject of your approval, in order to make sure that this commission will become just as you desired.

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This Commission Bundle Includes:
  • 300dpi HD PNG file of the image (will range above 1020px width)
  • The PSD file of the commission (at a lower dpi standard)
  • A SPEED DRAW of the process of your commission (10 minutes minimum)


About the Creator


New Creator

Hello, everyone!! My name is Faustisse. I am a 22 y/o Asian-American digital media student who focuses on conceptual art. I specialize in character design, and I dabble in visual development. I hope to one day (soon) start on my allegorical anthology webcomic series, Pandaemonium!!

Business Email:
Twitter: Faustisse
Tumblr: Faustisse