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Colored character, with no shading, with a simple background (like a color, not an actual scenery) is the base price
+ $4 Hatching shading (Like Sonic Riders)
+ $4 Simple shading (cel-shading)
+ $10 Painted shading (Like how the shading looks on my Digital Painting artwork)
+ $10 Detailed background
+ $12 Each extra character


About the Creator

Evey Hedgehog

Time Zone: Central
Would you like a drawing but don't know what kind to choose? I recommend
Digital Painting!

These are not commercial/game dev-related prices! Expect much higher prices for those types of projects! Thank you.


Hello! I like to draw animal people! I also animate sometimes.
I'm also game dev, I got a viddy game degree. 🎮

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