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Digital Painting - Landscape

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  • Price start at USD $200.
  • I reserve the full rights to the image and it's use/distribution unless otherwise agreed upon in writing (Usage and or partial usage for commercial usage -aka non-personal use- etc can be purchased additionally). This is for non-commercial usage.
  •  After a piece has been commissioned and sent to you, you may use it for personal use including but not limited to icons, signatures, layouts, and personal site display and/or blogs with a link back or credit in some place there. It's always appreciated since it keeps the business and client-artist relationship running! You may not, however, claim the work to be your own or set it up for redistribution. Any further use will require discussing with me, whether for commercial or non-commercial use. 
  •  If you use the commissioned piece for commercial purpose you must tell me beforehand so and we can discuss it. Prices listed here are for rough estimates on personal use price only. Professional commissions will require you to notify me beforehand, so prices can be adjusted accordingly. Prices vary depending on the project. 
  •  Please provide with references accordingly.  I will reserve the right to the redesigns that are not in the original reference of yours. If you want to own the rights to those, don't hesitate to speak to me. 
  •  Larger pieces with more complicated pieces, etc will be priced accordingly and will be higher.
  • For works that are printed, or done traditionally, the larger sizes increase price. 
  •  An individual commission will be priced based on hours worked, your character, image complexity, style, and type, so the prices are estimates. Lots of changes to a work will increase the amount of hours worked and increase the price. Prices vary based on the project. 
  • The progress of the work will be shown to you. 
  •  Excessive and heavy changes when works are continuing will cost extra when I show you the sketches. Further serious changes will not be made after the sketch period and after it has been shown to you 
  • Your pieces will be submitted in my DeviantArt gallery or other places and keep one for showcasing and that it is your commission (if that is the case). 
  • Portraits will include background varying depending on the project. 
  • Some of the paintings may also contain watercolour elements depending on the project.


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