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Commission Information:

  • Extra examples available upon request.
  • Finished file: ~2500px by 2500px. (Unless requested otherwise.) This exact amount may fluctuate slightly as needed to fit the subject. I work in 150 dpi!
  • WIPs will be given for approval, so contact is a must. If not through, you can find my contact information at the bottom.
  • After-the -fact alterations are doable, but within reason. 
  • Finished artwork will be used as examples, please let me know if you don't want your commission posted publicly! 

Content Information:

  • Feral and anthro are both fine!
  • Canines are my strongest subject and will have the absolute fastest turnover time, as far as first-come-first-serve.
  • I do not charge extra for wings. I love drawing them actually!
  • I TAKE COMMISSIONS WITHOUT REFS/PREEXISTING ART! Will not charge extra, just be ready to communicate a lot to get your character right! 

Pricing Structure:

  • Base: $30
  • Basic background: Included
  • Extremely complex character: +$5 and up depending on amount of complexity.
  • Complex background: +$10
  • Additional character: +$30 per added character
  • NSFW: Ask for quote! This varies based on what you need, but only in extreme circumstances will it exceed the additional character fee.
Other complexities such as very complex character designs, interactions with detailed objects (Cars/tech, etc), extremely detailed backgrounds, and extremely dynamic posing will be considered and may affect price. Don't be scared to ask for a quote!

[PRICING NOTE: I will adjust the price for your project manually after discussing it with you, if needed.]

Commission Process:

  • Quotes will be discussed and agreed upon before the project starts.
  • The first WIP will be given and sent for approval.
  • After the first WIP is approved by you, the project will be marked as officially started.
  • Multiple WIPs will be given throughout the process until the final assets are submitted for approval.
  • We're done! Thank you for your business!

Contact Me!

Contact through is preferred, but I'm open to other types of contact if needed! 
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Deviantart »


About the Creator


Heya! I'm Kyle, but I usually go by Woof. I am a furry digital artist with a love of drawing animals, especially canines!

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