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Commission Information:

  • Extra examples available upon request.
  • Finished file: 5000px by 8000px. (Unless requested otherwise.) This exact amount may fluctuate slightly as needed to fit the subject.
  • WIPs will be given for approval, so contact is a must. If not through, you can find my contact information at the bottom.
  • After-the -fact alterations are doable, but within reason. 
  • Finished artwork will be used as examples, please let me know if you don't want your commission posted publicly! 

Content Information:

  • Feral and anthro are both fine! Just please be aware that Anthro is a bit unfamiliar to me, so I apologize for any difference in quality.
  • Canines are my strongest subject and will have the absolute fastest turnover time, as far as first-come-first-serve.
  • I do not charge extra for wings. I love drawing them actually!
  • I TAKE COMMISSIONS WITHOUT REFS/PREEXISTING ART! Will not charge extra, just be ready to communicate a lot to get your character right! 

Pricing Structure:

  • Base: $50
  • Basic background: Included
  • Extremely complex character: +$5 and up depending on amount of complexity.
  • Complex background: +$10
  • Additional character: +$25 per added character
Other complexities such as very complex character designs, interactions with detailed objects (Cars/tech, etc), extremely detailed backgrounds, and extremely dynamic posing will be considered and may affect price. Don't be scared to ask for a quote!

[PRICING NOTE: I will adjust the price for your project manually after discussing it with you, if needed.]

Commission Process:

  • Quotes will be discussed and agreed upon before the project starts.
  • The first WIP will be given and sent for approval.
  • After the first WIP is approved by you, the project will be marked as officially started.
  • Multiple WIPs will be given throughout the process until the final assets are submitted for approval.
  • We're done! Thank you for your business!

Contact Me!

Contact through is preferred, but I'm open to other types of contact if needed! 
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About the Creator


Heya! I'm Kyle, but I usually go by Woof. I am a furry digital artist with a love of drawing animals, especially canines!

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