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Character Illustrations

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Character Illustrations! Do you want a new profile picture or icon? An illustrated banner? A picture of your Dungeons and Dragons character, or shiny new fursona?

These commissions are very flexible, and can be used for a plethora of reasons! Be it practical, or for your own enjoyment and pleasure. If you have an idea of something you would like done, send an inquiry my way, and we can decide where things go from there!


Legal Agreements:

*Non Commercial Agreement*
As the buyer, when you choose to buy a art piece with a Non Commercial License, you agree:
  • To only use the Art for personal reasons.
  • To NEVER use the work in advertising, promotional work, merchandising, or any other way that grants you financial gain.
  • That if you are caught using the work in this way, you as the buyer agree that you are liable to pay the artist $1000 plus 10% in royalties of all finances gained from using the product in this way.
  • That if you need a commercial license after the fact, you must wait 1 month/30 days after the commission is finished to buy one.

These terms are set into place once the commission has been started.

*Commercial Agreement*
As the buyer, when you choose to buy a art piece with a Commercial License, you agree:
  • To pay the agreed upon royalties after the commission is finished.
  • To pay for any day where time is spent readjusting and revising the initial commission or agreement. (See chart for costs)
  • That (if applicable) you have already agreed with your team on what is needed in the commission before having the commission started.
  • That if buying a commercial license after the fact, it has been at least 1 month/30 days since the initial commission was finished.

These terms are set into place once the commission has been started.



How do I know which License to choose?
If you're just buying a picture of your OC to use as an icon, or for your gallery, or just for fun, you likely will be fine with a non-commercial license.

If you plan to use the image to actively advertise, merchandise, or promote yourself or a product in hopes of financial gain, you will need a commercial license. (Ex. Youtube channel banners, banner ads, book covers (if selling books for profit), T-shirt designs, ect.)

What if I need a commercial license later?
1 month/30 days after the commission is finished, you may request to buy a commercial license for $135.00. At the point we will also discuss possible royalties.

What are royalties and how are they decided?
Royalties are payments made to me for sales made using the work commissions. They will be decided as a case by case basis. Some commercial works, such as a banner ad, may not need a royalty fee. Whereas t-shirt or book sales will need royalties. If you are an independent publisher or creator, don't worry! Chances are your royalties will not be very high.


About the Creator

AK illustrate


I'm AK, creator of the webcomic Chimeran Legends!
I love writing comics, and hope one day I can live comfortably creating what I love! You can support me by buying my digital downloads, leaving tips, buying a commission, or by becoming a monthly supporter!

All your support is greatly appreciated, and will help me pursue what I love! Thank you so much!

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