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This item is for a fully-custom image, drawn to your specifications.  These pieces can be put on nearly any fabric.  These pieces CANNOT be put on Aida.

The minimum charge for these pieces is $20.  The maximum size for these pieces is 10x10".

Base Charges:

Stitching: $20+ (based on complexity of design)
Fabric: $5-10 (based on costs at counter)

You may supply your own fabric.  You will be provided with a PO Box where you can send the fabric.  You will be responsible for shipping fees.

The numbers on the fabric denote how many stitches that can be fit into a single square inch.  A square inch of fabric on 10ct will have 100 stitches.  A square inch of fabric on 28ct will have 784 stitches, making it possible to fit more detail into the same space.  Because smaller numbers use more floss, they are charged more per-stitch.

Please see the included images for full info on sizing.

Time Estimates:

These pieces are not fast.  At the minimum size, with the fastest stitch option, there is an eight-week completion estimate.  Rush options are available for a 50% fee.  Rush items take top queue priority, and can be done in roughly half the normally quoted time.  More detailed estimates can be given during the negotiation phase.

If you need a piece completed by a certain date, please be sure to place your order at least two months ahead of time for each 100 x 100 stitches.

I can only offer the faster stitch option on 28-22ct fabric.  All pieces can be rushed, but rushed pieces on 20ct or lower will still take longer due to needing a different type of stitch for good results.  This is non-negotiable.

Payment Plans

I do offer payment plans for large pieces.  If you cannot pay for the entire project upfront, I can charge per-page, or per-half-page.  Once an entire page has been paid for, I will work on that page until it is complete.  Upon completion of that page, I will stop production until payment for the next page has been received.

Patrons receive a discount on this item. 


About the Creator


Craft Patterns

The craft patterns downloadable on this page are charted for cross stitch with DMC brand floss, but they are not limited to cross stitch only.  All patterns are suitable for both cross stitch and diamond painting, with colour-matched drills.  Please note that many companies do not have drills matched to the newer floss additions.  Colours 1-35, and 3880-3895 will need to be substituted at your best guess.  These colours are not always present in patterns.

Smaller-density patterns with fewer colours can have their colours substituted easily for crochet, knitting, perler beads, seed beads, and more.

I also offer re-charting for other brands of floss.  Please see this page on my website for more information.


See this board for current slot availability.

These pieces are hand-stitched with a needle and thread, and can take a very long time to do.  You will not get quick artwork from me.  I ask that commissioned artwork be safe for work, and adhering to Twitch and YouTube's content guidelines.  If you would like something that falls outside this scope, I will still make it for you, but with a private project fee of 50%.  Streaming commissions and putting them on YouTube as speed paints is how I'm able to keep my prices cheap.

For detailed size and material information, please see this page.

I ship the finished projects within a week of getting your approval for the finished item.

Shipping is calculated on pre-fab items.  Shipping costs are included on custom pieces for US buyers only.  Outside of the US, the cheapest I can manage for anything is $15.  If you are outside the US, I will need your address and phone number to complete the invoice.

Policy and Process

Please see this page for my Terms of Service.

This page explains precise pricing models, cancellations, time and procedure expectations, social media, and additional fees that may apply to your project.  If you have any questions, please message me.