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Traditional Sketch *Rough Sketch* | Available for both Fanart and OC

Rough Sketch           30 usd
Flat Colors                50 usd
Full Colors                70 usd

Will Do                      Mech | Anthro | Weapon Wielding
                                   Sci-Fi & Fantasy | Horror

NSFW can include gore, violence and slight nudity, but will NOT include explicit or salacious content. Hentai/Porn Yaoi/Yuri will NOT be accepted, and I reserve the right to decline any commission I do not feel comfortable with.

For any additional info, please make sure to read my Guidelines or feel free to contact me. On average, I will respond within the same day of inquiry.    


About the Creator


New Creator

✧Art is Fuel | Fuel is Creation | Creation is Life | Life is Art✧

Who am I? Simple.
An Artist for Hire | A Mind creating endlessly | A Murder Mystery Addict and Writer of many short stories | Obsessed with the Resident Evil games

My guilty pleasure would be Fanfic, both as a Writer and a Reader. I crave for new challenges and love nothing more than to be able to express myself through art.

I have recently re-opened Digital Artwork Commissions, for both Fanart and Original Character, but remain available for Traditional Art commissioned work as well.


Life is a hellish thing, highly unpredictable, and not often stable. Adjustments and sacrifices are often needed, and detours become a necessity. One thing will never change however; my passion for creating worlds & characters, my life through art & colors.

This page is a means for me to obtain this MUCH needed boost, and for those who wish to support my artworks to be able to do so, whether by commissioning me or simply adding to my Tip Jar.


Commission Slots       
Traditional Art *for now*              
Base Fees + Additional Options
So whether you decide to commission me, supporting me or simply offering me a tip, I thank you greatly for taking the time to view my page.

And if you do decide to opt for any of these, you will literally help me keep my sanity away from fading AND offer me a chance to actually keep a roof on. I don't expect this page to replace actual work, but instead give me the BOOST I could really use.

✧My many thanks, Rin.❤✧


Also, on here, you will find some of my works, but if you wish to see more, I encourage you to take a look at these:

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