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Digital Full Body Character Doodle

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10 creator slots available

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Non-commercial Use


DescriptionCreator Project Guidelines »

Full body art of your character!
This doodle will be loose freehand style, the lines will be tapered and smooth with a semi clean approach which still shows the pen strokes, and the coloring will be loose and freehand as well. Please see the above example to be sure you like this style~

  • Human, furry, creature, any!
  • SFW only 
  • WIP pose and expression sketch for your review!

Additional characters within the same drawing per order will cost an additional 75% of base price, four characters maximum

  • 1 character: $32
  • 2 characters: $56
  • 3 characters: $80
  • 4 characters: $104

  • White background with subtle backdrop frame and signature (Or you can choose to have just a white background with no backdrop frame)
  • You can choose pose/expression if you wish
  • I can design a new outfit for your character if you like! This can be from your idea, references provided, or I can design it from scratch
  • I will do my best to draw your character and your requested pose/expression accurately! It is important to me to treat your character's design with care <3

You will recieve: 
  • A .PNG image file with a high resolution, suitable for online social media purposes (I can not guarantee print quality, if you need this for print please let me know so I can possibly work something out for you)

I won't draw your order in a different style than what is offered in this listing.

 Noncommercial: No additional fee
You may post the artwork at social media websites/galleries/storage and privately store/share/ print it. You may not distribute it commercially or sell it in any form.


I reserve the right to:

  • Request more information before I complete the order (Please understand that I may need more details to get your design just right)
  • Extend the time of delivery of the final image if there are edits you request
  • Deny or cancel and refund any offer/project at any time at my discretion

I will not:

  • Sell resulting image(s) depicting your designs outside of this order
  • Draw characters/designs without the owner’s permission
  • Take credit for your designs
  • Share information or materials you provide without your permission

 Please note this order:

  • Will have line art and colors which may overlap somewhat as this is a hand drawn freestyle work, the work will not be refined on request 
  • Does NOT use flat color/color picked to ref specific, it uses dynamic color subject to artistic interpretation
  • Does not come with any total revisions, but within a period of 3 days after receiving the final result I can still do small fixes at your request if needed
  • Has no additional complexity cost, however it may take longer for me to complete your order with heavy complexity, and if the details are too extensive they will be rendered less intensively but this is a rare occurrence

! ~Delivery of final artwork can be reasonably expected within three weeks after payment is accepted. Please understand that I will get your artwork to you as soon as I can, and I have a tight schedule to work around.~