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Summons - Deluxe
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Blue's boyfriend flakes on her again and her lust and frustration summon the beautiful succubus Roselyn, who has an agenda (and appetite!) all her own...
Themes: Sex, F/F Unwilling Vore, Melty/implied Digestion, Weight Gain, Clean Disposal, Mild Gore (skeletal remains)

This pack contains:

  • All 18 original comic pages
  • Full-res title page
  • Textless variants of all pages
  • Alternate internal views for several pages
  • A thank-you page for all the Subscribers that made this possible
  • A copy of the original script thumbnails
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About the Creator


Weird porn artist. All characters are +18.
Do not trace, line, edit, alter, color, or redistribute my work.
I do not Rp under any circumstances, and do not currently take requests. Please don't ask me.

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