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Full: Composition

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Please check the content guidelines before proposing a project.

Watercolour and ink illustration, full composition considered. 

  • Single character (additional characters cost extra).
  • Detailed painting and inking, as opposed to simple commissions.
  • Full composition is considered (details, props, backgrounds, lighting, etc.). Pricing is variable (35CAD is the base cost).

Additional costs:
  • Additional characters: 10.00 per character
  • Additional costs dependant on the details added (more details on pricing below).
  • For this commission, thumbnails sketches and colour studies will be created and sent for approval before the invoice is sent. This is so pricing can be determined before the invoice is sent, as the pricing is dependant on the overall composition.


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New Creator

I am a traditional artist, working primarily in watercolour and ink. Please check the content guidelines on each listing before proposing a project.

Please provide some form of contact when submitting a proposal. You can contact me through this site, or at [email protected]