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Bat Base Pack
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this pack includes FOUR different types of bat: myotis, vampire, white bat, and a paolumu inspired design (monster hunter world)

lineart and white base are included for each type, separated for ease of use, and the types are sorted into folders to keep things neat and tidy. i've included both a PSD version and a CLIP version, so these should be pretty accessible with most graphics programs.

you're free to use these as you see fit, and i'm ok with users selling adoptables using my bases. i only ask that you please provide credit for the base. a link to
https://extinctinks.net or this commissio listing is adequate. :3

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My name is extinct

I'm just a weird little bat that works full-time as a freelance illustrator.
I will draw (almost) anything!

I'm nonbinary/agender and use they/them pronouns.

If you enjoy my work, please consider supporting what I do. It's how I keep myself and my family fed and sheltered.

Also consider following me at the sites below: