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Animated OC Ref Sheet

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 A reference sheet of your OC with animated layers of clothing. All done in flat colour for reference purposes.
If you commission this from me, you will receive a reference sheet with:
  • 1 full body frontal pic of your OC, animated with 3-4 layers of clothing (underwear, first layer, second layer, accessories) (+$5 for nude layer)
  • 1 front headshot, 1 side headshot 
  • Noticeable symbols + text box explaining their meaning (optional)
  • 1 Text box of basic info about your OC (extra box is free)
  • Extras can be added for a small surcharge <333


About the Creator


Clear | 25 | Australian | agender (he/they)

i create LGBT content for anime, games, tv and film!~ pls consider tipping if u can~