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Create-a-Chio (with comic cameo!)

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UPDATE: There are several upcoming crowd scenes and I've got spots to fill! I've added a lower-priced option for single-page appearances. Read below!

Chapter Five of Follower is here at last, and boy do I need a whole bunch of Chios! You can become an honorary Project Cottontail geneticist and commission me to create your own Chio / Vloxen character! The Chio you create will get a cameo appearance in the next few upcoming chapters of Follower*. I’ll work with you to customize your Chio’s name, gender, personality, and fur/hair coloring.

*$50 level includes a one-page background cameo; $150 level includes a 3-page cameo with the possibility of a speaking part. Want more than one, or more than three pages? Send me a note and we'll work something out.

Here are the pricing tiers:
  • $50: custom character drawing & 1-page background cameo in Follower
  • $150: custom character drawing & 3-page cameo in Follower

Here’s what you can customize:
  • Name
  • Gender
  • Personality
  • Fur/eye/hair color and style (note: the group of Chios/Vloxen your character will be part of is part of the “first generation” genetic group like Geedey and cannot have patterned fur)

And here’s what you’ll get:
  • A full-color digital drawing of your custom Chio (with color palette references, their name, and notes about their personality)
  • Your character will appear in the comic!
  • Your name will be credited on each comic page where your character appears

And of course, the fine print:
  • Your custom Chio will appear in Follower, but the story is up to Delade and I! You’ll have to wait and see what happens to your creation! 
  • If you decide to create a Chio, I’ll work with you to create a Chio that fits into the Follower universe, but is still unique and your own! However, if we can’t agree on something that fits into the comic, I reserve the right to refuse your request. Please don’t hesitate to contact me with questions before we get started!
  • You will be credited for the design of your character on each page they appear on, however: by commissioning me you agree that I have the right to include your Chio in any materials I choose (such as webcomics, books, or other materials) without legal repercussions, and creation of your Chio does not grant you any additional rights or ownership over Messenger or Follower-related properties. For example, this is NOT an opportunity to get a custom-designed mascot for your business, or a logo, or a character to use for your own promotional or commercial/business purposes. (You may of course draw or write about them yourself, or commission other artists to draw them for you for personal use only!)  

Timeframe: I estimate from starting design work to the character's first cameo appearance in the comic, completion will take about one to two months.


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Hi, I'm Bug! I make lots of comics, including Follower, Messenger, and other stories. I am typically available for various types of commissions - if you're interested in something that isn't listed, feel free to contact me and we'll work something out! 

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