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This is a large spread, subject of your choosing. You are allowed to request whatever you like, the examples are not strict templates. The characters will be smoothly lined and the backgrounds will be digitally painted, but other than that, it's free game to what you may request.
You are allowed to share this on social media sites with credit to me. You are allowed to use this as a gift. If you would like to use these for commercial reasons, discuss it with me first.

I have the right to refuse any commission I receive for any reason.

Default - $30
+extra character - +$15
This specific listing may take more time than others due to the care I must take to make it not, like, look like shit.


About the Creator


New Creator

Hey there! My name is Jes, I'm a digital artist and student from Texas. I'm self-taught and have been pursuing art for 5 years now.
If you need to contact me, you can reach me at [email protected]