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Amigurumi Corgi

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an amigurumi (hand-crocheted) corgi in requester's choice of colors (2-5). Approximately 9" from tail to nose and stands 8" tall at the ears

made with acrylic yarn, polyester fiber fill, and plastic safety eyes. Felt eyes may be substituted if requester desires.

price includes materials and shipping within the United States, as well as simple customizations such as yarn color (in general, horizontal stripes can be added to any pattern, for example, if a pride flag design is requested). If felt eyes are requested, the color may also be modified within reason (subject to material availability)

Buy Ups:

non-acrylic yarn - eg 100% cotton - $5+ depending on material and availability

safety eyes in a color other than black - $8 (depending on requested color, may add a multi-week delay to your order)

weighted - filled with plastic pellets instead of polyester fiber - $25

accessories or other complex customizations
, non-USA shipping, or something else I haven't addressed above - include the relevant details in your request and I'll come up with a quote


About the Creator

Kirby Ariel

New Creator

Kirby, they/them

located in mst/mdt USA (UTC-6/-7)

I started making custom crochet stuffies as a hobby project within the polycule - one to match everyone's 'sona, but then I decided I love doing it and I'd like to make more. But I suffer from decision paralysis and can't just fill up an etsy store with premade ones. I'd rather make them to order - to match you or your loved one's 'sona or in your favorite colors.

Initial listings are only for various styles of dragon, because I have the best photos of them, and the most variety of patterns I've already followed. but I've made many stuffed animals in many colors. if you've got a different animal in mind, feel free to contact me. I'm sure we can work something out. (Price is primarily a function of size, both for material cost and labor/time investment, so compare against my available options for a pre-quote, if you're shy)