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Portrait Icons

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Portrait icon commissions are now available! All icons come inked, colored, shaded, and with a color splash background by default. (Background can be upgraded to a more complex design for an extra charge.) You can customize your icon with the following options:

  • Frame shape can be circle, square, triangle, or card (slanted rectangle);
  • Character can be facing to the side, at ¾ profile, straight forward, or other angles as requested;
  • Background color(s) and simple designs can be freely selected;
  • Coloring for both character and background can be done in grayscale with pencil or marker, or in multicolor with marker.

Additionally, the icon backdrop can be upgraded from colors to a simple background for an additional +$5.

Special Offer: During Pride Month (June), Pride-themed icons are available for 25% off ($15)!

Before submitting a request, please read my full commission guidelines posted ►here◄, as well as my addendum for these portrait icons ►here◄!


About the Creator

Redesignated Clockwork

New Creator

h e l l o

I am Redesignated Clockwork, otherwise known as Red Clock, Red, etc. I am an artist focusing on traditional media art and fiction writing. Pixel art, music composition, and other creative pursuits may also appear. You will find a mixture of humans, furries/anthro, and monsters/creatures depicted in my work.

I am 26, non-binary, and use they/them or she/her pronouns. Please do not use masculine terms (e.g. "dude" ) when referring to me.

Please visit my Carrd ( for additional information, and my AllMylinks ( to find my profiles elsewhere.