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simple head avatar

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a simple front facing head avatar!

the base price includes:
  • a single subject head
  • light shading
  • a solid color or gradient background
  • 1000x1000 px

please note:
  • if you do not have any reference images, there will be an extra $5 charge for design.
  • only one subject per avatar
  • for more detailed backgrounds, there will be an extra $5 charge.
  • time to complete varies depending on complexity and workload. usually simple avatars are completed within one week, if you need it done by a certain time please let me know! 

if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me 🖤


About the Creator

felix sunflower

hi! my name is felix; i am an artist, writer, and stay at home parent. my favorite things are monsters, romance stories, time travel shenanigans, and candy. 

i would love to make something for you! if you have any questions about my listings, please don't hesitate to contact me ♡