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Want to own a unique OC that was designed especially for you? Need a character for an RPG but don't have the time or inspiration to design them yourself?

This listing is for an original character that I design for you. This is NOT for commissions of an existing character - please see my commission listings if that's what you're looking for.

The following details can be requested but are not required:

  • Race/Species (please provide an example if it is not a standard fantasy/D&D race or species)
  • Gender
  • Class (please provide details if it is not a standard D&D/Pathfinder class)
  • Personality/Alignment
  • Body Type
  • One Color (examples: "pink hair", "something red", "gold skin")

Anything that is NOT requested, and anything that isn't listed here, will be determined by me. The final design will be fully inked with flat colors and simple shading.

This is a digital commission. You will be sent a high res digital image upon completion. No physical copy will be provided. 


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New Creator

LegolianM (Lego M) creates the webcomic Kinder des Lich. He also enjoys drawing OCs and fanart for a number of things, such as Dragon Age, Critical Role, and Homestuck.

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